restless to climb


He’s frustrated. He doesn’t mean to, of course he doesn’t, but it comes out anyway, because he storms out of Glee club as soon as it’s over, silent and brooding, and makes a beeline for his car. Blaine follows, of course, because it’s obvious Kurt is upset and it’s his job to find out what’s bothering him and fix it, but when he gets there, Kurt already has his fingers clenched into fists and his hand in pressed tightly into the side of his leg the way it is when he’s frustrated and Blaine opens his mouth but Kurt cuts him off with a sharp huff and he’s throwing the door open, and Blaine’s rushing to the passenger seat and getting in as Kurt’s slamming his door, and then Kurt begins to speak and it’s just a flood of words, rushing and tripping and spilling and flowing and it’s impossible to stop.

"I just can’t wait to leave this town. It’s small-minded, and crappy, and full of people who are constantly trying to rip me down, even now, and it’s stifling here and sometimes I feel like there’s nothing worth staying here for and graduation is the only thing holding me here, because once I get my diploma, I’m tossing my hat and a fuck you to everyone and getting out of here.” He’s breathing heavily when he’s finished and it doesn’t really sink in what he’s said until Blaine presses his lips together, ducking his head down like he does when something’s upset him, and moves to open the door. Kurt’s eyes widen when he realizes what he’s said and he’s reaching for Blaine, fingers brushing along cotton fabric, “please, Blaine, I’m sorry, I didn’t think-” Blaine cuts him off with a sharp look, eyes weighed down, shoulders drooping.

"That’s right." He says softly. "You didn’t." He slides out of the car, silent and still, and the slam of the door echos through Kurt’s mind well after he gets home.

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