restless to climb

used to know 

Cooper coming home is probably the worst thing that could happen to Blaine. Not because he’s a “hot-shot” actor (really, one commercial does not count) or because every girl (and he suspects probably Artie) in Glee club is drooling over him, but because the never ending stream of jokes on Blaine’s behalf has returned. 

Honestly, how many Hobbit jokes can someone make before it’s illegal?

They’re settling in for another long night with TV dinners (they’ve learned the hard way that cooking is not Coop’s forte) and short jokes when Cooper tosses Blaine the remote, poking at his previously frozen mashed potatoes and glances up at Blaine, a smirk on his lips. Blaine knows this look. It’s dangerous. 

"So, you and Kurt, hm?" Cooper asks, raising his eyebrows. Blaine blushes, smiling down at his spaghetti, and mumbles something along the lines of, "Yeah, me and Kurt."

"Whatever happened to that blonde kid? The one with the really big mouth. You used to bring him home on long weekends. What was his name? Something with an S, right?"

"Sam." Now Blaine’s blushing for all the wrong reasons, because really, can’t Cooper just let things go? He takes an angry bite of his spaghetti, hoping Cooper will get the message and just drop it.

"Yeah, Sam! What happened to you guys? I thought you had cutest couple of Dalton in the bag," Cooper said, grinning cheekily. Blaine nearly chokes on his spaghetti, a noodle lodging itself in the back of his throat. Once he’s done with his coughing fit, he glances up at Cooper.

"We weren’t dating," he says quickly, and Cooper raises his eyebrows, snorting. He leans back against the couch, the essence of casual-cool, and Blaine would hit him if he could.

"Right." Cooper says, extending the i, making it obvious he doesn’t believe Blaine in the slightest. "You could’ve fooled me." He finishes, taking a bite of his potatoes.

"Doesn’t take much to do that," Blaine quips quickly, and Cooper laughs, giving Blaine an air high-five his little brother doesn’t return. 

"I’m so proud of you," he says, a hand on his chest, Sam all but forgotten.

To Cooper, at least.

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